Whitsundays Florist Seasonal Changes

Whitsundays Florist Seasonal Flowers

Now that summer is over and all the seasonal flowers are about to change, lets get you all excited about some fabulous flowers! Whitsundays Florist are forever challenged through out the year to keep our flowers fresh and crisp! One of the most beautiful flowers coming through at the minute is the stunning Colombian Roses! They are huge in head size and strong in the stem. These wonderful Roses make it all the way to the Whitsundays from half way around the world. Hard to believe right? Well in fact most of the flowers seen in and out of the market place and auction floors are brought in from around the world! These include Tulips, Roses, Peony Roses and much much more!

So when your out and about, look out for the Colombian beauty, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses that have made it all the way to you local Whitsundays Florist

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