A Guide to Whitsundays Wedding Flowers


Whitsundays Wedding Flowers and Fashion


Weddings! The Whitsundays is the leading Wedding destination in Australia. Over the years I have seen many styles and Whitsundays wedding flowers change from tight round formed posies to traditional tear drop bouquets.

Today’s fashion how ever is anything from shabby chic┬áto just plain messy!

Your traditional Roses are available all year round along with Carnations, babies breath, disbud chys and much more.

Babies breath has become one of the most popular fillers for Whitsundays wedding flowers and I am sure they will not go out of fashion for some time!

Our climate finds it hard to cater for the more luscious blooms like Peonie Roses, cluster roses, David Austen roses, poppies, sweet peas to mention a few. Once these poor babies leave the cold climate of deep south NZ / Australia, they find it hard as the travel can be two days and then try to hold up in the tropical heat.

So here are some tips on your Whitsundays Wedding Flowers

Flower choice – pick something that will hold up in the heat and in season. Flowers out of season don’t last the distance. Have two choices so that if your dream blooms are not available you will have a back up plan.

Have all your colours of your dresses ready to give to the Florist, this will help match flower colours as there are many shades and hues that mother nature provides.

Be weary of the photo shopped images on line they may not be true to the colour.

Hope this helps choosing your amazing blooms for the most special day of your life!

Happy hunting

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